Love Ambassadors

Ambassador is a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.  As Love Ambassadors we take pride in being the biggest advocate and promoter of LOVE.  We realize in being Christ-like, the greatest commandment of us is to LOVE.  That means to love effectively like Jesus did, we must SERVE like He did.  We have made a conscious decision to immerse ourselves in a culture where people constantly recognize and celebrate negativity and have decided to replace it with LOVE.  People don’t need judgement and criticism, but rather need to see the Love of God through our various acts of kindness, various acts of giving, various acts support, and various acts of service throughout the community.  We believe that if we are consistent in penetrating the hearts of people with our LOVE walk, it is then that they will truly be able to see and experience God for themselves as we are merely humble extensions of Him.  That is why Virginia is for lovers, but DPSM is where the lovers gather!   STAY TUNED TO LEARN HOW YOU CAN JOIN IN WITH OUR MISSION….