Driving Out Debt

It is mean, nasty and down right devastating, causing families to just leave their homes to escape the high mortgages. The elderly have been forced to move in with their kids and even vice-verse. It has caused many to lose their once “dream jobs,” the employment opportunity that many could only dream about. It has caused divorce to be on the rise. More than 1⁄2 of the American families have ended in divorce. It has strangled the life out of good marriages. Kids being forced to join the military simply because they can’t afford to go to college nor can they find work.

It’s time for the “Baby Boomers” to retire and you guessed it, they can’t because their 401K plans, stocks and bonds, and their other retirement plans have taken a turn for the worst. Many have made living in debt a way of life. It’s the norm. By now you have probably figured out whom or what I have been talking about IT’S THE SPIRIT OF DEBT. Living in debt is the way of the world, the more debt you have the more you can’t get. People often get so deep into debt during their working years that they can’t enjoy retirement because they are still paying creditors. Many have grown up with the concept that debt is a way of life and this cycle continues generation after generation.

The devil’s agenda is to keep you from prospering; he wants you to keep your nose to the ground stone. Debt is an oppressive and demonic spirit designed to keep you from fulfilling your dreams. In Genesis 12:13 God has called us to bless others until “all families of the earth be blessed.” If you are fed-up with living paycheck to paycheck, having more bills than you have money and juggling bills every month, then do I have great news for you. You can choose the world’s way or you can choose God’s way. God’s way is always BEST. The Word of God says “The blessing of the lord, it maketh rich, and he added no sorrow with it.” (Proverbs 10:22).

My prayer for you today is to TRUST GOD. We have to trust God for every decision we make. To be honest there have been times in my life when my trust has wavered. We all have been there and those are the times we have to make sure the phrase “Trust in God” isn’t just a cliché. It’s easy to place our confidence in Him when things are going well, but the acid test is trusting God even when we have to wait patiently for His direction especially in difficult times. I, Pastor D. Tyler, would personally like to take this time to invite you to come out and fellowship with the Double Portion Family, where we can come together and learn how to defeat and drive out LACK and DEBT. Do what’s necessary to get out of debt and stay out of debt. Avoid the things that got you in debt in the first place such as: overspending, frequent trips to the ATM, covetousness, greed, eating out everyday and trying to keep of with the Joneses or whosoever’s in your neighborhood.

The Kind of Faith That Will Last

From the Desk of Pastor D. Tyler Grimes:

Everyone, no matter your family, background, educational accomplishments, no matter what is your social status or no matter rich or poor, every one of us goes through trials and tribulations whether in the church or not.You may be going through a trial right now, maybe you know someone who is being attacked in their health, their employment, in their housing situation or even in their finances.Believe it or not, these attacks are not random.Some of you may not know why or where the attacks are coming, but I have good news for you today!I have recently completed a series on “The Kind of Faith That Will Last.” I’ve come to let you know you can win against every attack, test or storm that comes your way.Faith is not your religious belief or denomination.Faith is a lifestyle for the believer.It’s the way we live and the way we win at no cost.

A simple, yet profound definition of faith is its practical expression of one’s confidence in God (who is love) and His word (Jesus). The enemy releases these tests and trials against you to not just make you ill for a day or two, but to get you to lay down the Word of God and abandon your belief in His care for you.The bottom line is that many of you don’t know who you really are and how valuable you are to the Kingdom of God or God’s family business.You are on the enemy’s most wanted list. He wants to make life so miserable for you that you give up and quit and commit high treason against God and his ability to receive you.Some of you upon reading this newsletter had just said to yourself, “This is too much pressure for one person to handle.”

You must change your perspective and your words because I John 4:4 (Living Bible) says “dear young friends, you belong to God and have already won your fight with those who are against Christ.”Also in Chapter 5:4 (Message Bible) “The conquering power that brings the world to it’s knees is our faith.The person who wins our over the world’s way is simply the one who believes Jesus is the son of God.” Now if those two scriptures alone don’t motivate your faith to tell the enemy “I always win,” I don’t know what will.

My wife and I have been called to this community, county and statewide to encourage and empower.If we have never been through the trials and storms of this life and experience some downs we couldn’t share with you the victories you can achieve and the success you can manifest in life also.Let me encourage you until we come together at service at The Double.

In II Thessalonians 1:3-6, I want to show you how the Apostle Paul knew how to boast about his congregation and encourage them.Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul everyone needs it and everyone executes better when they have it. Because Paul understood this truth, as well as myself and the whole DPSMI family, in this letter I’m telling you how much we boast and appreciate the ministry for allowing us to use this media to become a blessing to you and your household.We have made a quality decision to be an encouragement to you whenever and as much as you will allow us to.Our ultimate goal is to help you reach your full potential in the Kingdom of God and obtain every promise God has for you and your family.So if these newsletters have been a blessing to you please feel free to come out and fellowship with us and receive your Double Portion love, blessings and encouragement as only you can receive at the place of “Double Sized Portions” of all God’s promises for you.