What to Expect


We are a praying body of disciples, walking in a DOUBLE PORTION of God’s anointing, bringing families into the spirit of oneness; spiritually, mentally, physically and financially! Manifesting the LOVE OF GOD, and as Jesus is so are we in this world! I pray thee, let a DOUBLE PORTION of thy Spirit be upon me!


  • Casual atmosphere
  • Smiling, genuine, and loving people
  • Thought-provoking messages based on the Bible
  • Lots of laughter and a good time in the Lord
  • Live and energetic worship music
  • Fun teaching for your kids & teens

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For you

  • A place to belong: Never will you feel like an outsider here. We want you to feel comfortable as if you are around friends and family – which you are.
  • A chance to experience the love of God: If there is nothing else that you will gain from interacting with DPSM it’s that you will experience the love of God like no place else.
  • A way to develop the entire man: We want you to be complete which means that you will learn to develop your entire being – spirit, mind and body. You were made to be a masterpiece and you will discover how to put all of the pieces together.

For your family

  • A place just for kids: KingdomKids is an environment designed for your children to have fun, make friends and learn about the goodness of God. Our children learn how to rely on God, pray for others, and much more.
  • A marriage made in heaven: The Bible says that “when a man finds a wife he finds what is good and favor with God” – Proverbs 18:22. Through our marriage ministry, you will receive practical and spiritual instruction on how to have a “match made in heaven”.
  • A way to connect and grow: With the various events – both big and small – there are many opportunities for each member of your family to grow deeper in relationship with each other, their relationship with God, and with the members of DPSMI.

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